Why DNA fingerprinting ?


To check the variety you’re farming or roasting is the one you expect


To guarantee that the variety you’re selling is the one you claim it is


To unveil the actual genetics of unexpected coffee “rare birds”

The name of a coffee variety is not written on its leaves or beans. Recent studies have shown that the varieties grown by farmers were not always what they were supposed to be, namely the most famous varieties such as Gesha (see scientific paper here).

The beauty of genetics is that you can unveil -for instance- some previously unknown genetic populations being cultivated for centuries in Yemen or realize that a variety that you though was a mutant of Caturra is actually an Ethiopian landrace (see scientific paper here).

What do you need to get DNA fingerprinting?


You just need to send leaves or beans to RD2 Vision.
It is very easy and RD2 Vision will explain to you.

What is the result you get from DNA fingerprinting ?


You get the details of the genetic make up of your sample(s).


Depending on your objectives, the results could include a wider genetic diversity analysis.


RD2 Vision can handle both Arabica, Robusta and even other species such as Liberica.

Dr Christophe Montagnon’s long experience in coffee genetics and DNA fingerprinting (see Christophe’s main list of publications since 1989 here) ensures a detailed and accurate interpretation of the results. On demand, you would have a follow up call to answer the extra questions you would have (and you will have!). You might also discuss with Christophe the best way to value your results.

RD2 Vision uses the latest proven set of molecular markers and a large genetic database that allows the identification of the coffee varieties.

How long does it take ?


You receive your report maximum three weeks after reception of the samples.

What is the cost ?


– Cost per sample is 100 USD and 110 USD for leaves and beans respectively

ACE (Alliance for Coffee Excellence) Members get a 15% discount