We provide the scientific basis for your investment strategy in tropical agriculture

We have a fresh and optimistic view of sustainability

We turn complexity into simplicity

Tropical agriculture :
linking business and human development

You invest in or You contribute to tropical agriculture :

  • To ensure your own production or sourcing capacity
  • To support smallholders improve their livelihood
  • Or often both
We help you optimize an actual return on your investment regardless of whether it is in the private or public sector.
We build strategies that will ensure the sustainability of not only your investment but also its impact.

Dr Montagnon believes that investments in tropical agriculture deserve action plans of the highest standards, based on hard facts, and the latest scientific results and innovations. It was with this belief that in 2012 he set up RD2 Vision.
> The vision

Our approach is based on two main pillars. First, we listen and make sure that we understand your specific goals, including your expected return and impact. Once we have a clear understanding, we may need to challenge your thinking in order to ensure that your goals and expected returns can realistically be achieved. It is only then that we move onto developing the best action plan. We base our plan on research proven results, scientific literature and our unique experience. Unafraid of complexity, we deliver straightforward, winning action plans.
> How we work