Using science and innovation to drive winning investments in Tropical Agriculture

We help you make the right investment in tropical agriculture by :

  • Providing advice based on hard facts : not on unfounded theories, unproven assertions or hearsay.
  • Building on the latest research.
  • Selecting the research findings that are useful and relevant to your specific objectives.

First things first
Profitability and Risk Management

  • Productivity or yield without profitability is useless.
  • “Best Agricultural Practices” vary according to each farming system and business model.
  • We therefore often refer to Safe and Profitable Agricultural Practices (SPAP®) that are farming system specific.
  • Risks and risk management are key drivers for decision making in agriculture: we never forget to take them into account.

A refreshed and optimistic view of sustainability

Preserving the environment and empowering people. This is not a constraint but rather key to an investment’s success.

Innovative technologies / practices ensure return on investment because soil and biodiversity are preserved.

Our advice is not “one size fits all”. Instead, we adapt it to the incredible diversity of our clients’ farming systems and related business models.

They trust us

I had the opportunity to work with Dr Montagnon and RD2 Vision team on coffee projects and I really liked the way they combine useful science and practical approach on the ground to find out practical and workable solutions.

H.E. Josefa Sacko

Commisioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture of the African Union, African Union

In my role, as I’ve been working through various supply chain strategies to deliver meaningful economic benefit to our producer partners, I engaged with a RD2 Vision. One aspect of their work with us was to really look at inputs—how much does it cost a farmer to achieve the level of quality that is suitable for higher-value markets, or to obtain a sustainability certification?  RD2 Vision illuminated that it is not always in the farmer’s best interest to do more on the farm. Their findings were a humbling reminder that as much as we may sometimes think so, coffee is not at the center of the universe.

Tracy Ging

SVP & Chief Commercial Officer at S&D Coffee & Tea, S&D Coffee & Tea

The Scientific advice and expertise of Dr. Christophe Montagnon and RD2 Vision has been extremely helpful for Olam Coffee to lay the foundations for sustainable and profitable large scale coffee plantations.

Manish Dhawan

Senior Vice President - Coffee Division, Olam International Limited